2014 Lee County Bar Association Executive Council

The Lee County Bar Association has a board of Executive Officers. Officers are elected by the membership every year. Becoming a member of the Executive Council entails a five year commitment to the LCBA. Each member of the board is initially elected as Member-at-Large and then progresses up the hierarchy to become President in their fifth and final year. The Lee County Bar Association's Executive Council members for 2014 are:



John D. Agnew

Henderson, Franklin, Starnes & Holt, PA
P.O. Box 280 (1715 Monroe Street)
Fort Myers, FL  33902-0280
Telephone: (239) 344-1364
Fax: (239) 344-1538
John [dot] Agnew [at] henlaw [dot] com



Anne Dalton

Law Firm of Anne Dalton
2044 Bayside Parkway
Fort Myers, FL  33901-3102
Telephone:  (239) 337-7900
Fax:  (239) 337-7616
adalton [at] daltonlegal [dot] com



Scott E. Atwood

Atwood Law Firm, P.A.
2248 First Street
Fort Myers, FL  33901-2960
Telephone:  (239) 898-4130
Fax:  (866) 898-9129
scott [at] atwoodlawfirm [dot] com



Kelly L. Fayer

Kelly L. Fayer, P.A.
12601 World Plaza Ln., Suite 2, Bldg. 52
Fort Myers, FL  33907-3990
Telephone:  (239) 415-3434
Fax:  (239) 433-3434
kellyfayer [at] eathlink [dot] net





Daniel J. Endrizal, III 

 kjkfftthhDaniel J. Endrizal, III, P.A.
2077 First Street, Suite 207
P.O. Box 1876
Fort Myers, FL 33902-1876
Telephone: (239) 758-8555
Fax: (855) 802-5195
daniel [dot] endrizal [at] earthlink [dot] net




EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                                                                                         

Nanci G. DuBois

Lee County Bar Association
2077 First Street, Suite 207
P.O. Box 1387
Fort Myers, FL 33902-1387
Telephone: (239) 334-0047
Fax: (239) 334-0523
info [at] leebar [dot] org